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Welcome to the Self-Ownership Program

A 60 minute immersion designed for authentic humans who are ready to break free from what is holding them back and reclaim their lives.

The time has come for you to:

✔️ Step into your true, confident, and authentic self.

✔️ Tap into a world of abundance, health, and limitless growth.

✔️ Be of true service to those who matter most in your life.

I will show you the way.

I’m Max

I run a successful location-independent business and coaching practice. I teach authentic souls just like you how to break free from what’s holding them back, using a unique system I developed.

This system is the culmination of decades of experience working for Microsoft, Apple, Accenture, Vodafone, and countless other multinationals, followed by smaller businesses, startups, and individual freelancers. It’s a framework of insights I gleaned from industry experts, spiritual masters, gifted coaches, and free spirits I crossed paths with in my lifelong travels.

Now, let me be honest with you. Things weren’t always that great for me. In fact, my life used to suck. That's not an understatement. Here’s what a typical day was for me ten years ago.

An overcrowded London train carried my half-asleep body to a post-modernistic, open plan office. Once there, I’d grovel my boss in some death-by-powerpoint meeting, in which he’d remind me how dire the economy was and how lucky I was to have a job.

Now, believe me when I say: I truly wanted to take charge of my life, and yet I couldn’t. I battled with mental illness, constant fatigue and brain fog. My body was frail and weak. In fact, I used tanning creams to cover up the ghostly paleness of my face.

I could not afford to be authentic with the people closest to me. I was too scared to make meaningful contributions, to raise legitimate objections, and even to think for myself. I was too afraid of losing the semblance of “security” that my stable salary offered.

What mistake was I making?

I knew something was dreadfully wrong, and so I spent decades trying to figure it out. I consumed every supplement under the sun, I became a card-carrying vegan, a runner, an author, I got yoga certified, locked myself in meditation retreats on remote mountains, I toyed with therapy, anti-depressants, MDMA, Modafinil, biohacking, celibacy, prolonged fasts... You name it, I tried it.

This went on for decades, until one day the puzzle pieces fell in place. The solution emerged right before my eyes. And boy does it work.

I now enjoy an unprecedented level of freedom and financial abundance. My personal and work relationships rest on the foundations of authentic confidence and strong personal limits. My body is stronger than it's ever been. I run a successful business and I get to share my unique gifts with the rest of the world.

Introducing . . .


A complete program for freedom, independence, and self-ownership. It’s designed to help you step into your true power, free from insecurities, physical or financial burdens. It feels great to finally share this with the world.

So, what is Plan B?

It is the one ingredient I was missing. It turns out, the answer to all the challenges in my life was not in psychology, self-help books, or other esoteric realms. Instead, I discovered it in a totally different place: that of business negotiation, which used to be what I did at the office. All those years I spent in the corporate wastelands weren’t a complete waste after all.

The number 1 success factor to any negotiation is what experts refer to as the “fallback position” (also known as "plan B"). In other words, what will you do if the negotiation falls apart?

Example: Domestic violence shelters reduce domestic violence because they improve a victim’s fallback position. They know — and the potential abuser knows — that there is always somewhere to go if violence happens. There is always a plan B.

Those with a strong plan B enjoy superior negotiating power.

Is your boss consistently rude? That’s because they know they can get away with it. Your everyday behavior betrays the power imbalance. You’re beholden to them. You have no plan B and they feel it. Not because they know your personal circumstances, but because your behavior speaks volumes about it.

Knowing that you can bail if things get ugly gives you the confidence to set healthy personal limits with the people closest to you. Having a good plan B, makes you confident enough to teach others how to treat you. That’s your job, not theirs. A solid plan B translates in healthier interpersonal relationships.

If you had fuck-you-money would you still need to ass-lick bosses and colleagues? Would you sacrifice your time for a workplace you’re not inspired by? If your skills made you irreplaceable, would you fear losing your job?

Skills mean you will always be able to find work. Fuck-you-money means you don’t even need to work. Money and skills (money tends to follow skills) confer negotiating power. They boost your self-confidence even if you’re an introvert. Money and skills are 2 out of the 4 factors of your Plan B. We’ll talk about the other 2 in a minute.

Let me say that again. A solid plan B gives you real power. When you confront the inevitable asshole at work, you’ll naturally remain unfazed. The situation won’t upset you because you know you can always fallback to something else. You can negotiate things calmly and to your benefit. That’s the beauty of it:

The stronger your plan B, the less you need to use it. The more secure you feel, the less you have to struggle.

So now that you know what plan B is, the question is, do you have one? Let’s answer that right now, shall we?

✔️ Does the prospect of losing your job scare you?

✔️ Do you wear a nervous smile whenever you meet your boss?

✔️ Is there a constant underlying tension when you interact with some of your colleagues, certain family members, or even your life partner?

✔️ Do you ever feel like you have a lot to lose? Does this feeling restrict the breadth and depth of your expression and authenticity?

✔️ Do you get a sense of confusion and indecision throughout the day?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then you will get immeasurable, life-changing benefits from improving your plan B.

The more you focus on your plan B, the more leverage you will enjoy in your business and personal relationships. In other words, a stronger plan B leads to more attractive options. You will feel less cornered. Your interactions with people will become less … desperate. You will be less needy.

Now, wait a minute? All this sounds good in theory, but how does one do all that? I mean, is it even possible?

Glad you asked. The best way to answer this is by looking at our ancestors.

Our nomadic forefathers who roamed the earth (thousands of years before the Agricultural Age) enjoyed the strongest plan B in the entire human history. They were the strongest, most skillful, agile, and stress-free people ever to live on this planet.

As Yuval Noah Harari writes in his seminal book, Sapiens, “foragers seem to have enjoyed a more comfortable and rewarding lifestyle than most of the peasants, shepherds, laborers and office clerks who followed in their footsteps.”

Those people were completely self-reliant. They used their own two hands—their own sweat and grey matter—to hunt, forage, and build makeshift shelters. They relied on their individual skills for survival.

Now, fast-forward to the average 21st century milenial with their pizza delivery, Uber-lifts, Netflix entertainment and swipe dating. We barely have to get off our sofa these days. Everything is taken care of for us.

In only a few years from now, a Universal Basic Income (UBI) may be the only way to keep us alive. No wonder UBI featured prominently in the 2020 US election primaries.

Notice the trend? We have moved from a state of skillful self-ownership, to a helpless state of submission. From a masterful place to a place of zero skills; a place of zero negotiating power. Zero plan B.

Now, I’m not suggesting we quit our jobs, donate everything and go live on the mountains. What I’m proposing is that we use the resources available to us, to buck the trend and take our lives and freedom into our own hands.

I’ve designed this program to help you do just that. To take charge of your life.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Factor 1: Wealth

✔️ Switch your mindset from consumption to investment in all parts of life. The wealthy accumulate assets, the poor do the same with liabilities.

✔️ Increase your true wealth even while your actual income stays the same.

✔️ Reduce your banking costs. Learn how to identify and avoid hidden fees that add up.

✔️ I will point you to invaluable financial information (books and research) that cover basic and advanced insights you need to know.

Please note: I’m not a financial advisor and I will not provide financial advice. I will point you to information that you can research yourself.

Factor 2: Skills

✔️ Identify and build foundational skills that will increase your negotiating power in any profession.

✔️ Upgrade your decision making muscle. Fertilize your brain juice and creative potential.

✔️ Use journaling to clear out the noise, generate ideas, and transcend your challenges.

✔️ Define and apply laser focus to your priorities in life, one day at a time.

✔️ Strike the right balance between top-down goals and bottom-up systems.

Factor 3: Mobility

✔️ Let go of everything that’s holding you back, physically and emotionally.

✔️ Apply minimalist principles to your physical environment, personal and business relationships.

✔️ Tap into labor arbitrage opportunities. Use location to your advantage.

✔️ Exercise digital hygiene.

✔️ Increase the signal-to-noise ratio in all parts of your life.

✔️ Respond rather than react to unexpected challenges.

Factor 4: Health

✔️ Adopt a relativist approach to your health. Skip the dogma and go straight to the core principles of healthy and balanced living.

✔️ I wil point you to research that may help you identify foods that exhaust your creative and physical energy.

✔️ Discover movement routines you can do everywhere, every single day.

✔️Prime every single day for better mood and creativity.

✔️Make small, consistent gains that compound over time. Improve by 1% every single day.

✔️Preserve your vital essence for mental power and longevity.

Please note: I’m not a doctor and I don't provide any health-related advice. I will share my rerearch framework so you can weigh the pros and cons of what's out there.

You will learn the secret practices and distinct mental models of senior executives, leaders, and thriving entrepreneurs. You will discover unique insights, habits, and life upgrades that will bolster your plan B. What’s more, I will help you hardwire them in your daily routine, regardless of how busy you are.

Remember, by upgrading your i) health, ii) wealth, iii) mobility and iv) skills, you are enhancing your plan B. Your entire life will change for the better.


1. The answers are within each of us (aka "rubber duck debugging")

I don’t provide answers to people’s problems. I mean, who am I to have the answers? In fact, I don’t trust anyone who claims to have all the answers. 99% of the times, people already know what they need to do.

Case in point: most people know that going to the gym will improve their health. And yet, most of them waste their gym memberships. Why is that?

My approach is based on practices that empower people to figure things on their own. Most advice, on the other hand, empowers the person giving the advice. Give a man a fish and you will feed them for a day ...

Fun story:

John is a programmer. John gets stuck while coding his program. John finds his nearest colleague, Alice, and asks for her help. To assist him, Alice has to drop what she is doing and switch her attention to John. As John starts to unpack his problem, he suddenly stops, falls quiet for a second, and then proclaims he’s figured it all out. Ring a bell?

To deal for this natural tendency, programmer teams around the world use what’s called, rubber duck debugging.

John carries around an actual rubber duck. When he has a problem, all he has to do is explain it to the duck, hence figuring out the solution on his own without bothering Alice.

I am not your rubber duck.

2. It’s not about being smart. It’s about not being stupid

Legendary investor Charlie Munger (Warren Buffet’s partner) is known to have said: “The best way to be smart is to not be stupid.”

The trick, it seems, is not about discovering a get-rich formula. The real trick is to avoid making the mistakes every other investor makes. Staying clear of known pitfalls is the best survival strategy in the world of investment.

Same principle applies to all other parts in life.

3. Our world is analog

There are no binary solutions out there in the real world. Everything in nature participates in an ever-shifting balance. As such, no idea should be embraced wholesale. Stay flexible and keep moving. That’s a survival skill right there.

So: what are you waiting for? Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Let’s talk! You will leave our call with a solid strategy and tools you can apply immediately.

Are you ready to:

✔️Experience true confidence, backed by the fundamentals of wealth, health, and contentment?

✔️Tap into a world of abundance and optionality?

✔️Learn all the skills I learned from major multinationals, industry insiders, and spiritual masters?

Alright Max, I made it all the way to the bottom. What can I say, I want to work with you. Great!

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    A complete program for freedom, independence, and sovereignty. It’s designed to help you step into your true power, free from insecurities, physical or financial burdens. It feels great to finally share this with the world.